Julian A. Gordon Glassford

I am a graduate of the social sciences, an integrative physiology and public health researcher, and a social entrepreneur (TBA) – benefiting from years of personal experience with, conducting research into, and providing advice & support concerning, complex health and interpersonal challenges

The advice Julian gave me was second to none, and has changed my life. I cannot express my thanks enough! - Ms. O. Renshaw, Sheffield

I have received training in a number of areas relating to the work I do, dispensed advice to thousands of individuals, contributed to peer-reviewed scientific literature, catalysed key public health protection measures, and am something of a specialist in particular areas of health and well-being optimisation, particularly ME/CFS (as an ‘expert patient' myself)

Julian has taken the time to listen, support, and advise me during very difficult periods in my life. I am very grateful - Ms. A. Longman, Reading

Julian Glassford

I provide ideas & guidance spanning a range of health & wellness disciplines, applying a bespoke holistic approach to every person I have worked with – further to discussion and assessment of client needs, providing on-going support and dynamic personal program augmentation, for optimality

Wellness | Physical, mental, and social well-being (e.g. health & happiness)

Integrative | Essentially holistic, minus the hokum!

I now have the confidence and tools to be the kind of man I want to be. He really helped me improve the quality of my relationships! - Mr. A. Ali, London

Although I hold a first-class degree in the social sciences, I am not an accredited physician/therapist and do not take clinical responsibility for those I help. The insights I deliver are purely supplementary, and individuals should always consult suitably well qualified healthcare professionals (primarily their GP) regarding issues relating to personal health and well-being

I now feel comfortable approaching virtually anyone to make conversation. Julian is knowledgeable, patient and a nice guy - Mr M. Morris, Enfield

Primary Areas of Research & Consultancy
• The pathophysiology of complex chronic health conditions
• Wellness maximisation e.g. in the context of M.E / CFS
• Social & Relationships Coaching & Counselling

My Story

Life is a voyage of discovery, not without its challenges

Life is a voyage of discovery, not without its challenges

I was born and raised in leafy suburban North London. Although I enjoyed what was in many respects a pleasant childhood, it was punctuated by sleep & energy problems and I began to really struggle with my health in adolescence

In 2002/3 I fell ill with Epstein–Barr virus (glandular fever) while at university and I have been on a personal voyage of recovery, and indeed ‘discovery', ever since. Click here for the essence of my (related) present political philosophy

I am still on this journey to maximal health and wellness and, having learnt a thing or two along the way, see it as my duty, and indeed my calling, to dedicate myself to research and guidance that may benefit others on their own journeys - wherever these may lead, whatever each may need

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