Psychological Qualities Women Find Attractive in Men

The following is a broad list of personal and interpersonal character traits that females appear (behaviourally) to tend to find appealing in males:

• Good self-esteem, backed by a deep and stable sense of self-worth

Hint of self-interest and a modest air of entitlement (related to/grounded in the above)

• The 4 D's: Dominance, decisiveness, determination, and dependability; i.e. paternalistic and quasi-paternalistic facets

• The 3 I's: Intelligence, inquisitiveness, and imagination (including wit/romantic/erotic modes)

• The 2 P's: Passion and potential e.g. as a person, 'clan' member, worker/earner

Charisma, social intelligence, listening skills, and empathy

Moral Integrity, compassion, charm and generosity