ME/CFS and The Location Effect

ME/CFS is a neurological disorder that appears to have become increasingly prevalent in the West in the past few decades. Increasingly, patients report sensitivities to atmospheric pollutants vs. an improvement in their health when they move to certain (relatively remote, and damp/fungi free) coastal, arid, or high altitude locations: ‘The Location Effect'. Perrin Technique also suggests that ME/CFS often involves a degree of (neuro-)lymphatic drainage dysfunction, which has ramifications for effective toxin clearance - a problem that may be addressed (in some cases) by way of manual lymphatic drainage, among other techniques

Such improvements likely do relate to mitigating exposure of sensitive areas of the central nervous system (CNS) to e.g. (possibly interacting) fungal biological/anthropogenic chemical neuroimmune/bioEM stimulative/interacting (myco)toxins and heavy metals