Healthy Relationships: The Three C's

Balanced relationships are founded on care and compassion and hence a function of these three key elementary psychological behavioural ingredients:

Communication | If we don't communicate, how can we expect to understand/be understood? Most relationship problems relate to this area

Cooperation | Given satisfactory levels of communication, it is important to make reasonable efforts to work with and support each other (as a team)

Compromise | Life, and love, are about 'the give and take', and it costs little, in essence, to make reasonable accommodations for the ones we love

10 Qualities of the Strong-minded

  1. Stay in touch with your emotions

  2. Problem solve and be pragmatic

  3. Strive to fulfil your purpose

  4. Practice realistic optimism

  5. Practice (self-)compassion

  6. Seek to be your best self

  7. Set healthy boundaries

  8. Communicate candidly

  9. Manage time wisely

  10. Monitor progress