Metabolic Biomarkers for ME/CFS: A New Test?

Robert Naviaux et al. have published new evidence of metabolite abnormalities somewhat specific to ME/CFS, indicating that we may soon have a - to date, lacking, and much needed - diagnostic biomarker for the disease vs. the laborious existing objective diagnostic: VO2 max repeat exercise tests

Consistent with my own integrative pathophysiological research/guidance, their data suggest that the condition centres on a common (maladaptive) systemic response to trauma (of varying kinds), rather than differential presentation of an illness stemming from a particular stressor

The aberration profile itself is said to resemble hibernation activity, arguably tantamount to organismic survival behaviour i.e. autonomic responses to systemic physiological threats such as malnutrition, dehydration, and hypoxia. Again, this conception is consistent with my review of the recent scientific literature

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UK Plastic Bag Levy

This is a subject close to my heart, and not a million miles away from the topic of my undergrad dissertation: Green Behaviour and Behavioural Change'

Whilst the policy may seem a paternalistic nuisance, and the levy relatively insignificant in pecuniary terms (and hence likely to be ineffectual), I believe it’s the right move. The effect has been generally positive in terms of normative and behavioural change in the rest of the UK – where levies have already been introduced (e.g. 72% reduction in plastic bag usage in Wales in the past 4 years) thanks, presumably, to both direct (financial disincentive) and indirect (market signalling, nudge) effects

I’d like to see the levy imposed across the board too (not just to larger retailers) and increased (from 5p to perhaps 10p/20p), with at least a proportion of it going to environmental causes e.g. green behaviour change initiatives in particular. I’d also like to see action taken on a pan-European and, eventually, global basis too; the problem of plastic pollution is of course – like so many of the environmental challenges we face today – a global one