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Diet & Hydration

The vast majority of PWME experience Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) symptoms, and protocols aimed at improving the health of the gut, and nutritional status of the patient, are becoming mainstream. Relatedly, it is well worth examining the following areas, with the support of one's GP/dietician:


• Water content | I drink 5 large glasses of fluids per day (primarily water, 300ml+). Advice on quantity varies, primarily one should watch/listen to one's body
• When to drink | The best time to take on significant fluids is up to half an hour before a meal, and ideally not within 2 hours of having eaten nor after dinner
• Water retention | Drinking isotonic fluids and adding small amounts of unrefined sea salt to food throughout the day can help maintain blood volume

Eating Habits

Little and often' | I eat 3-5 times a day and make lunch my main meal/have a benign, early dinner. This mitigates hypotension and ‘rocky' blood sugar/insomnia
Paleo essence | I aim for meals comprising: 1/2 protein and fats, 1/4 vegetables, 1/4 complex carbs = more protein synthesis vs. less ‘rockiness'/dysbiosis
• Variety | I try to incorporate a mix of ‘complex carbs', preferably relatively ‘natural’ (Paleo) ones e.g. fruit and vegetables, plus oats and quinoa
• Food vs. sleep | I have a modest amount of protein after dinner. This stimulates glucagon which counteracts insulin, thus less ‘rockiness' (hypoglycaemic AMs)
• Dysbiosis | A healthy array of natural antimicrobials (e.g. raw garlic, onions, chilli/cayenne pepper, and coconut oil) help limit bacterial/fungal overgrowth

Things to Avoid

• NSAIDs & Antibiotics | These can cause complications e.g. direct and/or indirect damage to the gut, and are often used inappropriately
• Alcohol | This toxin is a depressant that dehydrates, lowers immunity, irritates the gut and the bladder, and enhances ‘rockiness'. It is poison for PWME
• Caffeine | All forms of caffeine (inc. chocolate) are known to irritate the bladder, may interfere with sleep, and can also contribute to ‘rockiness'
• Other chemicals | Synthetic/artificial colouring and flavouring (certain e numbers), preservatives (Salicylates), and sweeteners (Aspartame), are best avoided
• Allergens & Intolerances | I tend to avoid foods to which I demonstrate oral allergy/gastric intolerance but urge caution re: total elimination protocols
High GI: These disrupt already fairly confused metabolic processes. Also try not to snack on carbs between meals as this also upsets blood sugar regulation
• Grains | I limit breads and grain consumption (mostly to oats) and tend to avoid wheat/glutenous products in particular e.g. pasta, pizza, cake, biscuits etc

Things to Consider

• Prebiotics & Probiotics | Start with something relatively mild like oat bran (prebiotic) and probiotic yogurts (beware of brands with added sugar)
• Vitamins & Minerals | These should primarily come from a balanced and varied diet but some PWME find supplementation beneficial e.g. Vit B, C, D
• Anti-inflammatories | I take fish oils - specifically EPA, GLA and Omega 3 - as well as N-acetylcysteine (NAC), a precursor to potent antioxidant: glutathione
• Antioxidants | I take Lysine, Taurine, Ashwagandha (‘Indian Ginseng', in the AM), Turmeric and Zinc; also consider oregano, thyme, clove (variety is the spice!)
• Immune support | I take Vitamin C (ideally not ascorbic acid form), Beta-Glucan, Colostrum and occasionally Shiitake/Lingzhi (Reishi) mushrooms
• Cellular vitality | I take CoQ-10 (e.g. found in fish/meat/dairy/grains), magnesium (increasingly scarce in soils), and sometimes D-Ribose (energy boost)
Bone/joint health | I take calcium, Glucosamine (shellfish free variant, NAG) and Chondroitin
Mitigating weight loss | I use undenatured whey (glutathione) and medium chain triglycerides (MCTs); avacado can be a great ally for those on Paleo type diets


• Plans | When I changed my hydration/dietary habits I actively planned what I would be eating and drinking and when, ahead of time, to
• Prompts | To help put the plan into action I used a combination of salient lists and alarm clock reminders until my daily regime became habitual

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