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The Location Effect

ME/CFS patients often report sensitivities to atmospheric pollutants vs. an improvement in health when they move to relatively remote, and damp/fungi free, coastal, arid, or high altitude locations, as per The Location Effect (video below). PWME are well advised to consider seriously the following health factors:

Environmental pollutants

• Fungi and associated moisture e.g. damp, mould and residual mould spores (may remain around/potentially problematic for years)
• Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) e.g. high-frequency radiofrequency (RF) non-ionising radiation (NIR), low-frequency (ELF) fields, and mixed ‘dirty electricity’
• Persistent pollutants (POPs/PIPs), like pesticides and heavy metals e.g. from exhaust fumes, dental amalgam, food/drink, smoking, occupational exposure
• Noise pollution e.g. disturbing sleep, and a further source of persistent sensory stimulation vs. ‘sensory defensiveness’ → stress/anxiety ≈ pain/exhaustion


• Dry climates are desirable e.g. less prospect of damp/mould
• Sunnier/warmer weather is desirable e.g. boosts vitamin D (boosts health/immunity) and infrared/sweating (detoxification). Light also mitigates glial activation
• Natural ionising forces, such as the sea or running water, are desirable (retards infectious microbes). Note that man-made ionisers often produce (toxic) ozone


• Ventilation e.g. mitigates emergence of damp/mould problems and also enhances oxygenation (ME/CFS being a hypoxic condition)
• Minimal porous surfaces e.g. ideally no carpets/curtains - especially not if there has been a historic damp/mould problem
• Minimal use of chemicals e.g. numerous household products contain chemical constituents/treatments
• Minimal EMF exposure e.g. shielding where necessary (such as in locations hit by nearby microwave masts), and minimal use of electronics that generate EMFs, and especially RFR e.g. wireless digital communication technologies including cordless phone stations/handsets, mobile internet and wireless local area networks (WLAN, WiFi) devices, and smart meters, especially in parts of the household in which inhabitants spend a lot of time, particularly where they sleep

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