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Personal Philosophy

• Each and every worthwhile virtue springs, to my mind, from two main ingredients: truth and/or humanity
• Contrarily, each and every vice or sin arguably emanates from an absence of/imbalance in these qualities
• Self-mastery is progressively engaging with/internalising truths pertaining to oneself, in the above spirit
• Greatness lies in a manifest capacity to productively leverage talent and wisdom, in the above context

Political Philosophy

Environmental Sustainability

Safeguarding ecosystems and maintaining ecological diversity are absolutely integral to human, and broader ecological, vibrancy and sustainability

Pragmatic Pluralism

A political philosophy incorporating aspects of philosophical pluralism and political pragmatism, such that the affirmation of sustainable ideological diversity is considered paramount. Somewhat paradoxically, this includes room for the rejection of ideological factors that unequivocally threaten pluralistic diversity (the paradox of tolerance) - something that the Fourth Way model* must incorporate if plurality is to be optimally safeguarded under such a system

* The Fourth Way is a particular approach to pluralist integrated bargaining where one finds two opposing viewpoints. The Third Way represents a (somewhat centrist) compromise between two such conflicting stances, whereas the Fourth Way describes a process of harmonisation via the adoption of a position of, or most likely to achieve, general consensus. The state in a pluralistic society, under this political schema, must be in no way ideologically biased and instead concern itself with fostering a stable environment in which a plurality of views may exist, enter public discourse, and hence facilitate the broadening of horizons and fuel the optimal evolution of policy

Rent-seeking Monopolist/Crony Capitalist Systems

Of our politicians we must ‘ask': "Are you here especially to serve the interests of the people, or are the people here to serve your special interests?". It has been said that, in the new age of Corbynista style anti-privilege ‘progressive alliances', "we must defeat Socialism all over again". Indeed we must, as well as retrograde nationalism/protectionism, on the flip-side. Indeed, the resurgence of populism poses a number of new challenges/opportunities

This can only be achieved by cleaning up and culturing (global) Capitalism e.g. eviscerating exploitative/extractive loopholes and networks, restoring free markets through keener institutional design and more robust moderation, with an eye on social, cultural, and economic sustainability; plus, doing our utmost to ensure that globalism does not continue to gobble up the ‘trickle-down' benefits we've historically come to expect to flow from entrepreneurial endeavours, more generally

Absent any deliberately engineered, marked (security/war based) crack-down on civil liberties by the elites, or the coming of (a) suitably brave and prescient ‘benevolent dictator'(s) rising among them, anything short of the above indicated cultural revolution, in the age of increasingly automated/outsourced labour, invisible/anonymous transactions and capital flows (inc. tax evasion/avoidance), and, frankly, greed, may have dire ramifications:

  • The debasement of economic systems*
  • Enhanced degradation of social fabric
  • Political disenfranchisement
  • Probable labour movement revolt
  • Conceivably catastrophic class war

* Not just fiscal/current accounts but also domestic demand, dynamism, entrepreneurial flair, savings (endogenous investment pools), and inward investment